Old Door Stripping

Stripping off old paint is often one of the first jobs to be tackled when you move into an old house. Why spend the weekends when you can have us to take over your restoration project, let us do the time-consuming and messy job for you.

We are here to bring back the original glory of your home!
Old Door Stripping offers a professional and high quality stripping service on a variety of wooden and cast iron items such as doors, furniture, shutters and fireplaces allowing you to restore your home to its former glory.

Our team is committed to providing excellent, reliable and fast service. We believe that you will find our colourful portfolio and competitive prices suitable for all your restoration projects.

We are committed to keeping the prices of our door stripping services reasonable, without compromising on quality. With Old Door Stripping you can be sure you are getting excellent and top quality door stripping service.

At Old Door Stripping we can strip internal and external doors, tables, chairs, beds, cupboards and many more made from pine, pitch pine and beech wood to oak, walnut, elm and satinwood.

At Old Door Stripping we can breathe new life into your wood items and bring back their old glory.



Paint stripping is a delicate process. It requires attention, restoration skills and knowledge and must always be approached with care. Old Door Stripping has the experience, skills, tools and material needed to guarantee the success of any wood stripping project.

The caustic paint stripping is done by using heated caustic solution, in general sodium hydroxide (also known as caustic soda), which works by breaking down the chemical bonds of the paint. This type of stripping is used for soft wood items such as pine and pitch pine, giving the best possible result, while being the most gentle on the wood.  Read more…

The non-caustic process uses water soluble chemical and can be used for stripping all types of hardwood including oak, ash, beech or even walnut without causing any harm of the wood or change of its base natural colour. Read more…